How Your Talents Change You

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I grew up in a very ambitious household. My parents believed that the more talents you have, the better you will be at what you’ll do. They were correct. After years of practicing music, art and sports, I’ve accumulated a handful of talents that are helping me with what I do today.

My journey began when I was about two years old when my mom discovered that I had a good musical ear; I would try to translate what I could hear to our piano. I was told that apparently I had a good musical memory; I would sing and memorize lots of music at such a young age..which is not a surprise to me since we have strong musical genes that run in the family. At about the same time, I started showing interest in drawing. I was fascinated by how easy it was to draw what you see in your head and trace it on to paper.

Growing up in a city where all kinds of arts and sports were welcomed was motivating. Anywhere you go in Milan, the streets would scream “Art”, “Fashion”, “Music” and “Soccer” to you. When I reached 4th grade I was in the school choir, and when I reached 8th grade I started playing music. Music became a huge part of my life since it opened so many doors to me. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Want to know why? Well… I think music opened the “artistic” gene that I had in me which kept me always on the strive to always learn more and more about lots of fields in art. I started playing guitar in June 2006, and later that year in November, I did my first concert. And it was my best one yet. My mom didn’t even think that I would do well so she didn’t even bother getting her video camera! The whole crowd was impressed, I got a standing ovation and most importantly, I got motivated to do more. And that was only the start.

Having music by my side, I gained a huge passion for drawing portraits. My arts teacher, Clarissa, saw my potential, and so we would stay after school and stay in during breaks and just practice and practice. At the end of the year, I managed to finish the first ever painting to be done by a student in school. I managed to get a picture of my painting and of myself in the concerts in the school yearbook! It was an impressive year because other than it has impacted me the most, but it has showed me where I can go with my talents and how many things I can do with my talents to put them to use.

My parents always told me that I was born a leader, not made into one. I always had this passion to lead people to do better and lead them to a correct path and make them realize their true potential. That step started when I entered university; I got a hold on reading lots of biographies of my idols, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump, and that has made me realize  that the journey you make for yourself starts with your talent, your unstoppable ambitions that is asserted with a kick of motivation. I’m probably  the most ambitious person that you can ever meet. I still have the same dream of being – (oh wait..I won’t spoil the surprise!) Anyway, I’ve read so much about the world of business that made me want to be a part of it. I gained a huge amount of interest towards entrepreneurship which has led me to join lots of clubs in university, organize events, direct some, enter competitions, volunteer in many, and most importantly, open my very own organization. This till now is my biggest step to date. It’s going to be the start of a new path for me.

See? It all started with one talent for me: Music.. which has led me to Art, which has motivated me to merge on to many things until it has reached my irrevocable passion for business. Imagine if I didn’t learn music.. where would I be now? What would be my interests? Will I even be the same person? Thankfully I’ve taken the correct first step that is taking me to the right path. So.. what’s your talent?

A Leap of Hope



I remember that cold winter morning when my sister and I played in the courtyard that was in front of our house. Snowflakes fell from the white plain sky and formed white piles of silky smooth cotton on the red concrete ground. The whole courtyard was a white canvas with several random colored shapes in every corner; the air was still, everything was mute; all you could hear were the silent breathes of my sister and I.  Mariam’s wavy black hair swayed delicately over her shoulders, her pale face welcomed an innocent smile and her dark almond shaped eyes lit up at the sight of me. I smiled, but it gradually faded when I witnessed her face turning more and more paler; her hands reached for her tummy, she crouched and started vomiting. Everything after that happened so fast; we got in an ambulance, waited in a cold plain hospital room for hours until we got the news: My sister was diagnosed with leukemia. From that point onwards, my life changed forever; I came to a conclusion that life is too short and sometimes unfair; however, we had to deal with what we had and sail right through it with no fear; that fear must be overcome with hope.

Mariam and I grew up in a classy household in Italy. Both of our parents were strict when it came to eating ‘blossoming’ Italian vegetables.

“Eat your vegetables so that you’d grow up healthy and beautiful!” my parents would say at the same time.

Mariam never really listened to my parents; she had a stubborn mind of an eighty year-old man who also did not want to eat his vegetables because he’s convinced that it might kill him. She would always say that the sight of vegetables and fruits would ‘repulse’ her. To me, this was very bizarre because our families are very big eaters and we eat literally every single thing. My parents and I thought that Mariam probably came from a different species because her eating habits were so different from ours.

“When I was 6 months pregnant with Mariam, I knew that I felt something inhumane was growing inside of me.” Mom would say jokingly; of course, Mariam would take it seriously and would leave her plate on the table and would either not eat at all or she would just give me her food because I was so fat at the time that I literally ate anything I found in front of me that was eatable.

Mariam’s eating habits were unhealthy, and I knew that, but it would have never occurred to me that it would cause her to get anemia and that would result her blood cells to new replicate and cause her to get leukemia.

When we went to the hospital, the color of Mariam’s face was so pale that it might have been suitable to be camouflaged against the hospital walls. We waited patiently until a doctor came in and asked to speak to my parents far away from Mariam and I. The doctor’s face was restrained of course, so I was not able to predict what we were expecting. Moments later, I noticed that my mom’s face went into deep shock: her eyes were wide open as if she has seen a ghost, her feet were glued to the floor and both of her hands covered her mouth as if she was restraining a scream. I had conflicted feelings; I did not know what we were expecting, but I knew that it was something bad.  I looked at Mariam who was fast asleep on my lap. She looked so peaceful, so innocent and I knew what was coming for her wasn’t going to be good. It was going to cause her pain, a lot of pain.

A couple of months passed, a dozen of pounds gained and lots of hair were shed. Chemotherapy was the hardest stage in Mariam’s existence; every three days she had to take an inch thick needle that was a couple of inches long in her lower back. The needle contained a high dose of chemo; it would sting and quiver all over her body, giving a burning sensation throughout every single inch of her limbs. The sensation was, as Mariam told me before:  “It’s indescribable; it feels as if ever limb in your body is getting burned by gasoline; you can’t stop the burn, you just have to wait until you completely burn to ashes, and you would have to miserably wait for your body to recover naturally.” It was true, because every single time Mariam would get that dose, all you could hear were her piercing screams that came out of the last room in the hospital’s cold corridor.

“Make it stop! Please make it stop! It burns, please!” she would scream at the top of her lungs. I never knew how to restrain myself to the sound of her voice. My parents and I would cry in agony while waiting for Mariam’s torture to finish in the waiting room. We wished that we could do something to heal her, shield her from all the pain she was going through and tell her that everything was going to be okay, and that God will heal her because of our non-stop prayers.
A couple of minutes later, Mariam’s scream fades and we hear the doors open; Mariam was crouched in the arms of a well-built male attendant that was taking care of her. Even though he was a very attractive attendant, I left my fantasies aside and I went back to reality. I looked at Mariam’s face, and I realized that she fell asleep from all the pain she’s gone through. Mom and dad went to help the attendant to carry Mariam back to her room.

Mom lived with Mariam for two years in the hospital; she would pray all the time, asking God to heal her and not take her away from us. Mariam wasn’t the only one in pain, but mom went through a lot of pain too; she witnessed her daughter getting tortured and she can’t do anything about it; she was helpless. During the course of these two years, mom never gave up on hope; nobody did. We had faith in God that He’ll heal her and that she will get better. In fact, because of all of our prayers, after those two painful years, Mariam’s hemoglobin started to rise, her hair started to grow, she was able to come back home and finally go back to school a couple of months later. Our prayers were answered.

Spring of 2008 came and Mariam and I went to play Frisbee in our colorful courtyard. Mariam’s cheeks were as red as the blossoming roses, and her long thick hair shined under the calm rays of the sun. She was running, laughing and her smile never left her face; she was finally healthy. She was overwhelmed with joy because she was finally back outdoors after a very long time. Two springs ago, I didn’t even notice that the sun existed, that there were changes in seasons. To me, everything was cold because I was feeling like I was losing someone special; but that did not make me give up on hope. I learned through experience that God works in mysterious ways, He tests our faith and how well we would deal with things in the worst kinds situations. Thankfully, we have passed His tests through that experience. Our fears were flourished with hope because we knew that God wanted to teach us something: life is too short. One day you have plans set out, and suddenly the day later, everything changes. However, behind the entire trauma, the cries and all the pain, something good will come out of it and no matter what happens, we have to have faith and hope to overcome any fear. This experience has impacted my family’s life, and without it, we would not be who we are today.

Learning from the “Bullying Experience”

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Just like most people, I’ve experienced bullying in school. Why was I bullied? The answer: I was different.
Usually between the ages of 7-13, children would find it difficult to accept differences, such as races, religions or even physical appearances.

If you’re experiencing this problem in school, I hope by the end of this article, I would have helped you understand why do bullies bully you, and therefore, next time when you face them, you’d kick their ass! (Just joking)

What are bullies and why do they bully certain people? Well, in my opinion, a bully is an individual who has a troubled personal/family life and in order to feel better, he/she would humiliate, back stab, lie to (summing up the word ‘bully’)or make fun of the things that he/she doesn’t have in order to make themselves feel better. However, those people whom they bully must have a certain quality in their personality in order to get bullied from bullies, and that’s weakness. A bully would bully a person who is weaker than he/she, so they remain as a target. For example, my bully was a new student at the school that I used to go to. She never liked me cause I wasn’t her same nationality nor religion..on top of that, I was friends with everyone, (Who were her same nationality). She was annoyed and threatened for some reason, so she started to bully me out of jealousy..she did that by tormenting me with my weakest point…my weight..even though I was better at sports than she was and so forth, but she knew it would annoy me. People in general don’t tend to annoy me, or maybe I don’t take it at heart, but the way she did it made me take action, and therefore all my friends thought that I was being mean to her (They didn’t notice that she was bullying me)…I tried to tell them what she’d say to me but they’d, for some reason, stay by her side, even if they know me better than that..she had a way to manipulate people and she was just 10 years old!

Grade 5,6,7,8 and 9 were my worst years in school. I was bullied by the same girl over and over again. I’d cry most of the time, stay alone, cry some more, study and just pray that it would be over (or she’d get hit by a bus). My parents were having a hard time seeing me that way because there was no reason why she would treat me this way. I mean..why? cause of my weight? my religion? I mean..why?

She wasn’t pretty smart because she bullied me the same way all these years, until finally at grade 9 I studied all her moves and the things that made her tick and I triggered her to do something to me. It was SO frustrating that my middle school teachers were by my side all the time! They’d give me advices on how I should respond to all the things she’d do to me. It was simple…”Ignore her, that will burn her”. And to be honest, it did! Every time that I would stand up for myself in a mature way (being the superior and making her feel like she’s inferior) tormented her. She started to get scared of me and not talk to me at all! It was a cool feeling I friends were my friends again and I gained a certain power amongst my friends and that was : “No one controls my emotions.. no one bullies me, no one should make me feel inferior because I’m better than that.. if they’ve got a problem with that, then they can go bugger off and bully someone else.”

The trick to damage any bully is to make them feel inferior, immature and most importantly, worthless. They will find you as a threat when you become superior, so they’ll leave you alone.
Hope this article has helped you somehow! Remember, stay confident, stay superior.. you can beat those bullies out of your life for good!

Through A Rapist’s Mind. (+18)

Creative Writing

I grew up in the poorest pit on earth. I have seen the most daunting things you can ever see. Life is cruel, life is is divine.
Seeing my mother getting abused before my eyes by the man who I should be admiring the most, made me see the world in a whole different perspective. I can’t forget her screams and her aching, weak body after every night’s fight. My father was a troubled man, a man who was possessed by evil nature, a man whose devil took action, took full control of him. Soon later, I felt myself building into someone I didn’t recognize. Someone eager, someone emotionally unstable..I was turning into something inhumane.

My name is unknown, my race is undefined. I’ve become a creature that seeks for lust, revenge and power…I need something that I can hold with my bare hands to satisfy my needs; Women. Oh, just how good they look, how alluring they are just makes me want to touch them, control them, and feel their soft skin between my hands, against my bare body. I want them. I want to do things with them, things that can’t be explained with plain words.

I’m in a state of delusion. I escape to my own world of fantasy. MY world of fantasy..where there’s just me and her and the electrical and repulsive tension between us. The desire. My desire.
When she screams in pain, I continue in appetency. She begs me to stop, I endure her fear and procure the thrilling sensation of being in power..of being in control. She kicks, she fidgets..I do nothing but be greedy..keep doing what I’m doing, keep wanting more. I groan, hoping that she would cease in my arms, assume that she would stop moving by the pressure of my thighs against her waist, but no. She screams in pain. I like that. I’m in control. My devil is possessing me, or in fact, I’m possessing the devil. Dark and dirty energy is taking over me. I try to take whatever I can take from her body, she moans in pain until she gives up. She’s all mine. I try to caress, I try to foresee the pleasure I can take from her until the emotions start to build inside of me and my body excretes it’s pleasurable demands.
This is what I do with my women.. I’m a monster. I follow the women I want to feel, I want to endure their pain to make me feel whole. A person.

I follow them, I steal their humanity, I chain them, make them my submissives until I get what my body wants. I take them into my dark world, where there is nothing but pleasure for me and abominate convulsion from them. Women are a delicate frame of beauty to be explored, tasted and to be appreciated.. Which I do in my own terms.That makes me feel good..very good.

The world has made me sick, my life has made me vulnerable. I’m hated, I have nobody to live for and nobody to live with. I have no future, no ambition and all I can do is take what I want the way I want it.

I’m a rapist, a sexual assaulter..I’m a man with so many needs that can only be fulfilled by being in power of things I can’t possess. This is who I am.. That’s what my life has driven me to do this. I’m in psychological pain, in a mental state of pure delusion and there is nothing I can do about it. No one is there to help me.

My Unforgettable Trip to Libya.

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A lot of weird things have happened in my life, but there is just this one that I will never ever forget..My trip to Libya.

During the Egyptian revolution, my parents were really scared and they wanted us to leave as soon as possible. My dad had to leave us to go to Lybia, but however due to the security circumstances in Egypt, he didn’t want to leave us, but instead he told us to come with him and stay there until everything in Egypt had cooled down. I honestly never liked living in Egypt, even though I have been living for about two years at that time, so finding an opportunity to leave was the best decision ever.

A couple of hours after making this decision, we were heading for the airport to go to Misurata. The airport was crowded with lots of people; People were screaming and fighting at the gates as if entering the gates will save them. At that time, just 3 days before, every single prison in Egypt was let loose. Every person who committed a crime was out there somewhere, he could be next to you, he could be your neighbour.. no one was safe. In fact, the day before we left there was a girl screaming, so every person around the area gathered and everything cluttered into a huge fight; we came to know afterwards that the girl was about to get rapped by a prisoner who went to jail for the  murder and rape of several women. We felt insecure, not only because of that reason, but because we couldn’t sleep from the gunshots and the horrifying screams.

Anyway, when we arrived to Misurata, I was astounded. I used to think that Libya was what we saw in movies : Desert and small homes, but actually, it was not like that at all. They had lots of farms down there! Everything was so green and the beaches were really beautiful. When we landed, we had a small tour around the village. It was really beautiful, we totally forgot  about what was happening in Egypt..That was a relief.

After 3 weeks in Libya and after the Egyptian revolution was over, the Libyans started to make their own revolution, and it was way worst then the one in Egypt. We didn’t sleep for two days in a row because we were terrified from the gunshots. Gaddafi sent soldiers to go to small villages and kill anyone they see. Misurata was a small village, and we were scared. On night, we heard banging on the door very violently. My dad took my sister and I to the farthest bedroom in the house, he told us “Stay in the wardrobes and don’t make a sound”, he locked the room until we heard someone calling out my dad’s name. Eventually it wasn’t one of the soldiers, it was my dad’s friend who just came to check up on us. He told us that he’d help us the day later to go to Tripoli Airport to go back to Egypt because he knew that we were unsafe.

We started moving at 6 am, My dad’s friend drove us in very weird places, away from where soldiers would be found. On our way, we found the people of Misurata carrying crates of Molotov and several weapons so they can protect the village from the Gaddafi soldiers. After several kilometres on the road to Tripoli, we encountered Gaddafi protesters who were going to Misurata (Anyone leaving Misurata is assumed to be the enemy of Gaddafi) after passing them, we heard a gun shot. It hit our car but thank God it didn’t get near anyone of us! My dad’s friend drove at 180 km/hr , we arrived after 15 minutes to Tripoli, however, there were people lying on the highway at 5 KM from the airport because Gaddafi denied any airline to go over Libya.

My dad came up with the idea that we had to go to Tunisia, it was about 200 km from Tripoli and it was safer there. So, we took a taxi from an area called “El Zawya”,  (After 30 Minutes after leaving this area, it was bombarded..completely destroyed). On our way to Tunisia, Gaddafi forces stopped the car every 10 km, they took our phones, cameras and laptops because they might contain data of what was happening inside Libya.

When we arrived to the Tunisian borders, we had encountered a problem. They wouldn’t let my dad come with us to Tunisia because he had a Libyan residence. My sister , my mother and I started crying and we couldn’t believe what was going on. The soldier wanted to pull my dad out of the car and when my dad said that he can’t leave without us, the soldier pointed the gun at him. At this moment, we cried and screamed and begged the soldier to not harm him. My mom remembered that my dad had the Tunisian visa with him, and Thank GOD that it worked and they finally let us in.

Thanking God that now we were safe, we left the taxi and walked 1 km to the Tunisian borders, and we saw the most beautiful scene: The Tunisian people were waving at the arrivals and there were lots of cameras and journalists.  My sister and I spoke with the BBC, that was really cool, I never actually thought I would be able to be on TV.  Finally, we took a car from Tunisian borders to the nearest village called Djerba, and wow, It was beautiful, very beautiful. We stayed for a night and we took the first plane to Egypt.

Until now, I can’t believe that this has happened to me. I have never felt being this close to death in my entire life. Almost got shot, almost lost my dad..It’s surreal, I thank God that I am still breathing, still alive.


Point of view

Usually for me to avoid any fight with any individual, I just smile and agree with whatever they say.. that’s if I think that the discussion can turn into an ugly fight. Why can’t politics be the same? I tried once to imagine how the earth would be like if it were so peaceful; Honestly, It was hard to do so because there is no such thing, unfortunately. Politicians should amend peace with each other and co-operate well. There is no such thing as black or white or asian or caucasian or arab, there is not such this as christian, muslim, jewish, there is no such thing as rich or poor and honestly we should all just put on a tag on ourselves written on it “Human”; We are all equal.

There are some countries in the world where you just don’t hear about them in the news, like they don’t even exist, like for example Liechtenstein.I bet some people don’t even know where it’s located on the map! It’s between Switzerland and Austria; It’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on the planet, and one of the richest too. I honestly wish I that all the countries were like that. As people serving their country, it’s their duty to seek or peace and inequality. As a president, you shouldn’t steal or lie to your citizens, but dream for a better and happier tomorrow.
When religion interferes with politics… it’s going to be a mess, a big mess. Some Arab countries invent rules and claim that it’s religious, when it isn’t necessarily true. They suffocate freedom and intervene in people’s lives and personally I wouldn’t like living that kind of life, because human beings aren’t and shouldn’t be caged animals, that’s wrong. Everyone should be free to do whatever they want, and if they say that God will judge you and all that, well it’s non of you’re business, it’s between me and God and clearly you won’t be standing next to me on Resurrection day and telling me “I told you so!”. Get a life extremist people.

Oh well, I got a lot out of my chest! I like to live life smiling, because when you smile, everyone around you smiles and it takes them away from all the stress that they have in their lives. Furthermore, Give to the poor.. donate to the unfortunate, you can certainly make a difference in their lives. Is their lives any less worthy then our? No It isn’t, and they should be happy the same way we are. So..Give, Love, Laugh and Smile and live today like it’s the last day of your life.

Pictures (A Poem)


“Pictures are smiles

of different faces,

looking at traces

of different frames”

I found this deep poem that I’ve written when I was just 13 years old. When I look at pictures that are isolated between frames, I once thought of the pictured faces and wondered how does it feel to be stuck and look at the same thing everyday?

hope you guys like it!

A Traveler’s List.


Everyday, I add a new place on my Travelling List. I’ve been to lots of places in Africa and Europe, but I really want to travel around the world and encounter every single culture there is on this planet. I want to meet people with different tongues, different color, different rituals and so on..

I have seen these pictures of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here is my list, maybe you can add it to yours!

Monument Valley.. we have all seen it in the movies, and I have read about it, and I really want to visit this phenomenal place. Even though the weather can be a bit irritating for me, I don’t care about that, I just want to see it!

 The stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park lies in the Lika region of Croatia. The park is surrounded by mountains which are part of the Dinaric Alps. The 16 Plitvice Lakes, are separated by natural dams of travertine. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight..This is so cool!

Even though I can be scared of heights, I don’t think I can hold my temptation to climb this massive cliff which is about 604 meters tall! It is located in Peikestolen, Norway.

Moraine Lake, Canada…This is HEAVEN! It is a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park, about 14 km outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The lake does not reach its crest until mid to late June. When it is full, it reflects a distinct shade of blue; The color is due to the refraction of light to the rocky floor, giving that great blue color!

The Hang En Cave in Vietnam astounded me.. God does create breath-taking places. I really love hiking and mountain climbing, so whatever it takes to reach this place, I’ll do it!

The Machu Picchu is a small ancient village that stands 2,430 m above sea – level in Peru! It is located in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting.. fascinating!

My dream honeymoon location.. Bora Bora, The French Polynsia located in the pacific oceans has this unbearable turquoise color that just makes you want to have a long swim! (Beware of sharks though!)

Mount Roraima, located in Venezuela is heaven on earth, you actually get this feel that it is located somewhere in the clouds!

The list goes on and on! I have 43 more place named in my list..this will take forever for me two write about! Maybe I’ll do a post of the Traveler’s List II! What’s your dream place that you’d like to visit?

Life Goes On.


I know, life still goes on

but how can I be brave

when you’re not around me;

I’m afraid to be held in this darkness forever;

but I can’t stop it, I can’t overcome it , 

because life still goes on.

I have loved you for 100 years

now I have to get over you for 100 more;

lost in the reminiscence of our time together

and scared to fall back to the instant.

Yet, I’m old enough to handle fear

and over come anguish;

I promise I’ll never think again, 

Never be held captive inside my heart again

because, life goes on. 

This isn’t a true story, it’s based on a song I listened to and put me in a certain mood to write about this topic. Hope you liked it!

The Girl’s List.


When girls are young, they dream of becoming princesses and they constantly dream of their prince charming. When they grow up, they go through rough relationship experiences that causes them to not believe in real love. They suddenly give up on finding love, and even though they might get asked out by great guys, they reject them because of fear that they’ll get hurt again; it takes a real guy who wants a real relationship to last forever..the problem is to convince her. The guy might show so much effort and he will never give up until he gets what he wants.. as I mentioned in my “How Women Can Be Irresistible” post, men are predators.. when they put something on their mind, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it..that’s if they really want it. So girls, if he’s doing this, then don’t leave him.. he might just be the one.

We girls have this thing called “The list”… and in that list it has all the features and characteristics we want in our prince charming. The thing is, some women become obsessed with the list that if the man doesn’t match by what the book says then  he’s out!  When in fact, you should give a good guy a chance, because you might be surprised with who he really is.. he may not have all of the features or characteristics you want. However, there is this certain magic that he has: the way he makes you feel, the way he looks at you that just makes your heart skip a beat, the way he calls your name brings you butterflies, the goosebumps you get when you see him .. all these feeling is a sign that your heart wants you to let go of the list, and follow your heart. If you follow your list, you’ll never get anywhere, because nobody is perfect, but learn to love an imperfect person perfectly.

A lot of girls care so much about how they want their guy to look. They want him in a certain way that in other wise they don’t accept. Can I ask you a question? We all age right? And as we age, we get wrinkles, our hair becomes whiter. We ALL age, and we will look different.. so why not choose a guy, who yes is good looking but also is someone who you trust and someone who fully understands you and supports you? That kind of person will be there for you forever and divorces in this case will be minimal cause of the understanding and the compatibility you have with one another. Looks go, but the personality stays and is always there. Every morning when you wake up to the face and the heart you’ve fallen in love with, even though it has aged, it will still looks the same way it did when you first met.

Learn to love with your heart, not with your mind.

Self confidence is an issue. When a girl meets a guy who she has really fell for she’d go like “Nah, I’m out of his league”..okay, I personally, I don’t believe in the whole league thing because it depends on the guy you fell for. Let’s say he is a good looking snob, well..these types tend to search for an “artificial girl”.. a girl that has the looks, but not the personality. To me, guys like this, aren’t considered to me “men” in my agenda. However, if the guy is really handsome but down to earth, he might actually like you if you get to know him better. I prefer relationships that start from friendships, cause they tend to be better (In some cases of course), the only negativity it has is that it can jeopardize the friendship, that’s why it has to be either a serious relationship, or no relationship at all. The tip on getting a guy to like you is to be yourself. They hate a girl who is weak, who doesn’t speak for herself, who is a puppy around him, who can’t make decisions, who is easy, who is always available.. no no, they like a girl who shows independence, self confidence, is sometimes busy (this shows that he isn’t always the priority, there are a lot of other things on your mind and this makes you more desirable), who takes great care of herself and can co operate and communicate with everyone.. basically all this are evidence for you to act like yourself!