How Your Talents Change You

I grew up in a very ambitious household. My parents believed that the more talents you have, the better you will be at what you’ll do. They were correct. After years of practicing music, art and sports, I’ve accumulated a handful of talents that are helping me with what I do today. My journey began […]

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A Leap of Hope

  I remember that cold winter morning when my sister and I played in the courtyard that was in front of our house. Snowflakes fell from the white plain sky and formed white piles of silky smooth cotton on the red concrete ground. The whole courtyard was a white canvas with several random colored shapes […]

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Agora: The Power of Hypatia

I was deeply moved by a movie called ‘Agora’, that I’ve recently watched. The movie talks about the calamitous history that has evolved in the city that I currently live in, Alexandria. The plot of the story epitomizes the historical theory of when Christianity first immigrated to Alexandria during the beginning of  400 A.D. One […]

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My Booklist for this Summer!

So, finally my summer is here..I’m usually the kind of person you’ll find either reading or at the gym during the summer…I know, it’s crazy but I somehow don’t really like going to the beach much, I hate that sticky feeling where you can’t touch anything after getting out of a good swim. I’d frequently […]

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