Inspirational Story.

I’ve seen a lot of people change their looks to impress others. Some people aren’t satisfied by their appearances, so they tend to copy other individuals to make themselves feel better. Let me tell you something, When I was just 9 years old, I was fat, and I admit I was, I’m not scared to let this little secret out. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, my own body.. I had a lot of people call me at school “Hey fat ass” and I’d run to the bathroom, lock myself and cry all day..  I was scared of going out of that room, scared to show people the body I owned, scared of people’s glaring eyes at me and criticize me and judge me because of how I looked. It was a nightmare.

When I turned 10, there was this new girl in school, she was so skinny, and when I say skinny I mean too skinny, like boney skinny. Anyway, when the friendly me went to introduce herself, the first thing that that girls said was “Geez, your fat!” I will never forget how I reacted, I stood still, trying to suck in my tears, eventually that wasn’t possible, so I ran away. From that moment on, I decided that I was going to lose weight and become a better person. However, what bothered me was even though I was over-weight, I was one of the best athletes in school. I used to be one of the fastest swimmers, the fastest runner, I was best female soccor player ect.. And I had all of that and I was fat. It was unexplainable, unbelievable how even though I had this body, I was best at sports and people in school admired me for my talent.

I worked my way to  losing weight for 6 years after that. I tried all kinds of diets and all kinds of sports, even mountain climbing! The idea of losing weight and looking beautiful was just lavishing, refreshing, and it increased my self-confidence. I’ve lost about 50lbs and I’m proud of it, It’s one of my best accomplishments in life and I’m truly proud of it. Of course there came a lot of problems along the way and bullying had increased in school, but I didn’t care of what people thought, I never did and I never will. In high school I was given an award for most inspired breakthroughs. I told everyone my story and everyone were proud of my journey and that until now, I’m taking care of my physical appearance, not just because of how I’d look in an Armani jeans and a Burberry jacket, but because I want to live a long healthy life, and look young and be admired at the age of 80 or something. To me, a woman is God’s most priceless inventions. Every woman inside of us is a lady, a strong, beautiful, successful and admired lady. We are all beautiful inside out. I don’t know why we are all making this fuss on how awful we look and wasting our money on plastic surgeries and liposuction when all you can do is start from the beginning by yourself and believe that you are beautiful and eat right and exercise and enjoy living while you can, after all we only live once.   Try it, no really..try tomorrow, a fresh  new beginning to your new self. Show people what your true inner beauties are, and believe me, it works. I hope my story has helped you realize how much your missing, and what you can do to find it.


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