May I Help You?

There are these small things that people do that make you get annoyed pretty easily, for example, that person that is stuck to you like glue at the perfume store and tells you out of the blue “No, no dear, this perfume won’t smell good on you…smell this one! Ouuh, ahh, Can’t you just smell the roses up your nose?!” okay, I know you probably think that I’m making this up, but I swear, I went to buy my mom perfume from a well known store and I had this young lady staring at me the whole time with her glazing eyes and a fake smile that seemed to be glued in that same position for centuries, so she probably doesn’t notice how ridiculous she looks. Anyway, what I did was look at her, and smile. Yeah, I know.. Don’t worry, inside I probably would have killed her like five times or something, but anyway, after I smiled, I got the perfume I wanted and walked away. I mean, seriously people! These annoying ladies who, yes I know are doing their jobs, but they are just so scary.. I mean, I literally hate going into perfume stores because of how annoying they are! The question here is… WHY do they follow you every where like ghosts that is trying to hold revenge on you, I mean if I want help, I’ll tell that I need help, but not because I don’t have taste, but because I can’t find it. The funny thing is, if I tell them, no thank I don’t need help, they open their eyes wide open like as if they are saying “Oh My God..what a jerk” and just walk away. That reminds me of that lady in the beauty shop where I went to buy some new make up and she TOTALLY made me feel like this alien that never saw or heard of make up before. Didn’t she notice I was wearing some, or that I don’t look dumb? I mean come on, which girls in this century don’t know anything make up? I really wanted to tell her “um, no thanks.. actually, I should assist you, because clearly you don’t know how to put make up”. Yup, I really did wanted to say that. She looked like a barbie doll! I’m not being being critical, but I swear she needed a make up Guru or something.  I don’t know what to do with these people, I mean, yeah of course sometimes, just sometime they could be of help, but please don’t frustrate me and make me want to get you run over by car, it would help, and I might actually like you.

The best people who have been of great help, or were so amazing, were the helping people in the beauty store called “Sephora” in Paris. Not only were they hot but they made you choose nicely and they gave you the best advice. My helper was called Antoine, he was gay I think, I loved him so much! He found out the best perfume that smells good on me, and until now I use it! (well, it’s finished, I’m too lazy to go in a store here). Now that’s the kind of people that would make you go to the shop every now and then! They are nice, always smiling, leave you until you need any help and then they would assist you, not some lady that looks like she was thrown out of bed,  has Lady Gaga make up on and is unexplainably annoying. So remember, when someone tells you “May I Help You?” Just say “F— off!” no no I’m joking, just smile like I did and walk away, this will help you avoid increase in blood pressure when you enter a perfume store.


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