The Gift Of Happiness.

The title says it all. What is the gift of happiness though? The answer is simple. Do the things that makes you happy, always be happy even if you don’t have everything. You know that saying of “Money can’t buy you happiness?”, I didn’t believe it at first until I’ve honestly tried it. There was this time where I worked day time jobs and I would get lots of money and then I would spend it on cosmetics and clothes, but then I once asked myself.. ‘Okay, and then? What happens next?’ Exactly, what happens next after you buy all this? We always want more and more and we don’t seem to get enough of the more we get. Human nature can’t be satisfied.

So, I wasn’t satisfied and I didn’t know what to do to make myself happy. You know what I did? I shopped again and didn’t care less. No, I’m joking, but actually I bought things for the less fortunate and I went over to hospitals and had a great time with them. That made me happy. Seeing smiles on every single face was just a blessing. Knowing that you made a person smile can give you more happiness than your mom giving you a box of chocolate for your birthday. I have finally found what makes me happen, I mean really happy and proud of myself, helping others.

It’s time for you to make a list and think of what makes you happy, it could be cooking, exercising, hanging out with friends, going to gigs, concerts, going to the spa or whatever it may be really. Did you know happiness can extend your life span? Scientist have proved that being happy decreases illnesses and risk of having diseases. They said “People who are happier heal more quickly, have stronger immune systems and, on average, live longer” .  

You know, I’m an optimistic person, I love to look at things from a positive perspective and honestly, I didn’t know it would affect my health until I read this “Women which have an optimistic out look have 90% lower risk of suffering from heart disease and are 14% less likely to die over the age of 80 than their pessimistic peers. ”   This is fascinating, positive thinking can relieve your stress and make you live longer healthily!  “People who have happy minds and are living happily tend to have lower risk of getting diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases” Now, don’t you just wonder why a lot of old people have diabetes? It’s because they are always under stress whether at work or at home. I know a lot of people who overcome this by going to the spa before work and go to the gym after work. They eat healthily and are enjoying their jobs, I have now remembered that they are all positive thinkers! Do you know how old are these people that I am talking about? They are 72! They look young too! They inspire me to become like them when I grow up, won’t that be great?

Remember that we live our lives once, why do we have to waste it being dull and unhappy all the time? Why can’t you just smile and have a happy life and enjoy spending time with the people around you! Instead of sitting all day on the computer, go to the spa, go for a jog, enjoy living! Smile a lot, cause you’ll make someone’s day, laugh a lot cause you can save a life, inspire people cause you help make a change. Life is in your hands, you control it.


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