A Vision.

When I was two years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be an engineer..When I was seven, I had no clue.. When I was 12, I wanted to be a rock star and tour across the world.. and When I was 15 I wanted to be a graphic designer and finally, when I was 17, I decided that I wanted to be an architect. What’s your dream job? How much do you want it? How much are you willing to sacrifice to earn it?    Those questions are just the type that would test you if this is just the one for you and that if you actually want it.

I’m not going to talk about what I want to be and where do I imagine myself in ten years time, but I have come across people who are older than me or are my same age and they still don’t know what they want to do in their lives. A lot of them want to be doing a lot of things at the same time, so they can’t choose. For example, A friend I know wants to be an engineer, a writer and a photographer. Okay, where is the problem here? You know there are so many people have more than one job! Like Dr. Bassem Youssef, In the morning he works as a heart surgeon, and at night he has his own show that covers political matters. So, why can’t you be an engineer and have your own company or work in an office and in your free time you can write just like me writing this blog right now? And you can be a photographer on the weekends and participate in events and get your work known. It isn’t hard, it just needs patience, faith and strength to get all these things through. Keep dreaming, never stop dreaming until you reach your certain goal. I know I sound like I’m getting this from a soap opera but the words are true.

My dad is one of my idols, and I really respect him; He is a completely different person when he is in his office; When I go and do trainings he would be totally different and treat me like all the other employees. I don’t mind when he does that, you know why? Because it’s for my own benefit. Getting trainings like these would teach you what to do in tough situations and how you could handle them well, It teaches you so many different skills like critical thinking, logic , responsibility and so on.. So if your parents are tough on you and are forcing you to be in those situations, trust me, in the end you’ll be thanking them for it. I’ll give you an example. I used to live in Europe for a very long time, and I used to live outside the city that I lived in and my school was almost in the centre of the city. It would take probably 45 minutes to reach school by car, but the fastest way to get to school was by public transportation. Public transportations there were extremely clean and organized. So, my mom comes up to me one day and tells me “I’m not driving you to school today, You have to go by yourself.” I was like… “Ya serious woman?” (Comic Voice) and she would look at me and be like “Yes, get dressed, and call me when you reach school. If you get lost, don’t call me. Find your way to school.” Okay, so I got dressed and got ready. Be aware that my house was in the suburban area and the nearest metro station was 15 minutes away in another village. However, I pretty much knew my way, I love taking responsibilities and proving to my parents that I’m an adult and I can do this (I was only 15). So I walked by foot to the bus station that was 2 blocks away and it arrived to the metro station in about 10 minutes. I took the metro, rode on the yellow line, stopped on the 4th stop, got off, took the red line, got off on the 2nd stop, got off and went up stairs, took the bus and after two stations, I was in front of my school! I wasn’t nervous or scared or anything, but I loved the riskiness and the challenge my parents gave me. It took,  as my mom said, a total of 45 minutes. I texted my mom that I’ve arrived safely and voila! Mission complete. That was a skill gaining experience that I enjoyed a lot! You should experience something like this too, you’ll be surprised how you get in these situations.

Did you know that Einstein was failure in maths and physics class? But now he is known to be one of the best scientists that have ever existed? Same thing with Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, Pixar Animation Studios and NEXT. Bill Gates admitted he hated school, he once said “I never studied for my exams, but I had this friend of mine who would study and get excellent grades..in the end, he ended up working for me in Microsoft” Okay, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study or anything, but things back then were different.  To me, education, optimism and ambition are the key to success. All those people that I have named all had one thing in common, which is ambition. They believed in the dream that they wanted, and they did everything to have it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed of if your dream is to be the next president, the funniest comedian, a talented stripper, a famous architect or whatever, just imagine how you want your life to be exactly. Close your eyes, imagine..What do you see? Now I don’t want you to see Jacob Black or Megan Fox you guys, I’m talking about something realistic here! Always be optimistic and smile, if you fall, get up again and try again and again until you get things right! Don’t give up.

Jot down notes and create a dream, believe in the dream, achieve the dream and live the dream. Your life is your vision, prove it to yourself that nothing in this life is impossible.


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