Criticism changes the way people see things. People judge by what they hear, not by they know. I am currently living in this society filled with people that the only thing that they love doing is to judge people and to criticize them for what they are good at. I trying to digest the fact that people in this country I’m living in are narrow minded. In school last week, I was talking about how in my old school in Italy they used to teach us Theatre and music. Their response was unexpected, they told me that this is so “faksan”.. in other words “It’s complete bull, it’s only for losers”. I mean, I have always wondered why a lot of people here don’t understand the true meaning of art and having fun, trying a lot of different things and being open minded.. Clearly they weren’t taught a couple of things in life: Respect and Etiquette. I’m saying most of them, not all, cause I don’t want people coming up to shoot me in the head or something, I’m just stating my opinions.

Jealousy kills a lot people. I have noticed that in Egypt, to impress others your same ‘level’, you have to do the same thing. For example, Have the most extravagant cars, wear Hilfger, Burberry, Gucci, talk superior and all that. I mean seriously people, what the hell? When I used to live in Europe, I had a lot of friend who are way richer than the ones here, and they went to school with the metro, with the buses.. they simply don’t show off! Being rich doesn’t mean that you have to show it, use it wisely. Like give to the poor, get nice clothes.. just be moderate because a lot of people don’t have what you have. In Africa, every 10 seconds a child dies because of hunger, and a lot of people here are being miserable because they missed Tiesto’s party. I’m not saying that you should look like a helpless person but be moderate.

What is the “7asad” thingy? You know, I’ve never heard of it until I’ve moved here. I was living normally with great luck, and when I came to live here, it’s like the luck you living with here. If you hear a person say “OMG, I love her shoes!”  BAM! The girl slips and falls on the floor, breaks her head and is sent to the hospital. Really? Why do people have this negative vibe against others who don’t have the same things that they have? Why can’t you just be civil and say elhamdulelah and be happy for what you have and be happy for others too? I mean when my bestfriend gets this gorgeous new outfit or moves in with her guy or travels a lot or got awards and stuff, I won’t be jealous of course, why would I? I’m happy the way I am and I’m glad with the things I have been through. People here should learn to have internal satisfaction of themselves, right?

Best way of living in my opinion is to have this box around you, separating you from others’ negative vibes. I love complementing people because I really mean it, and I am happy for them not because I envy them. I keep my life to myself to avoid being judged by others and having people talking behind my back, so far, I’m doing a great job! You know, if you guys try living like this, there will be less drama and more happiness in your lives.. I seriously mean it! I challenge you to not talk about yourself, criticize people and instead clean your heart with all the envying and unleash you evil spirits and just smile, be happy and enjoy living clean.


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