Driving Lessons.

Living abroad I have come to learn the true principles of driving. Most people around the world drive with something that I don’t think Egyptians know called “Driving Rules”. For example and the simplest example would be: Stopping at a red light, moving on a green light. In Egypt unfortunately, they need someone to guide them when to move and when to stop, just like little children that need to be supervised in order to follow the rules.

A lot of men say that women can’t drive. Partly true, cause most husbands want their stay-at-home wives to do something with their lives, so they get them the drivers’ licence using something called the “wasta”, after that, the husbands give their wives a Matrix car to junk all the children in it and so she would take on her new job.. as a driver. Why would she be a bad driver? Cause the person that taught her would be a taxi driver or the “Ba2al” across the street! I personally blame the whole “wasta” thing and the “S” useless test. If they had here a REAL driving test where they drive on the streets and do months of practice like any other country in the world, then they would be good drivers too! The “S” test doesn’t prove anything, it won’t teach you how to overcome an accident for example.

Wait, I’m not going to talk only about women here, cause for my self, my parents want me to be good at driving, that’s why I have taken several courses in Italy for it so I would drive “Normally” style and not “Egyptian” style. Men too don’t know how to drive either, it’s true. What the hell is the “3’oraz” thing? They say that “Drivers who do the 3’oraz know how to drive and they are “THE MAN!” …you know what I’d say? That you are heading to death row and clearly you don’t know anything about driving at all. It doesn’t make you a man to do the 3’oraz, it just makes you a complete idiot who doesn’t respect the rules of driving and the art of it! The guys would say “Ana ragel”…most of us would say “Ragel 3ala nafsak” … cause clearly, you don’t know how to drive if you do “3’oraz”..we are not in a movie here pal! What is so funny, is that if you try to do the right thing, you get cursed at and you might get injured for speaking up too..weird, so driving correctly is a crime here?

The worst people here are the taxi drivers and the “masharee3”, I mean if you want a taxi, you may have to think twice because either he won’t drive you, and if he did, you might get hurt. They drive like lunatics! He might be at the last lane on the left, and when some guy on the right says “TAX” suddenly he turns the car with massive speed to his extreme right! Ohh nooo, Screw the cars that are next to him, the guy has got to eat and put food on the table for his kids right? Well, doesn’t he think if when he turns he might kills a person who was crossing the street and that person won’t be able to see his family again? And the “masharee3” who don’t look left or right when driving, they are just careless. I wish that one day there would be no more masharee3 and all the drivers would get a job somewhere with better pay so they would spare us enough space for our cars.

Driving is so fun and it’s amusing when you drive correctly and carefully, you actually enjoy it! Why don’t people respect rules here? Well, that’s mostly because people here don’t respect anything, they are driving like if they are in a “Vice City” game or something, they hit in to people, cars and pavements normally.. how dumb! Driving fast won’t make you go anywhere, maybe nowhere if you don’t arrive there anyway.

Please, I would like for all the Egyptians who are reading this to actually learn the true principles of driving and respect the rules! Driving is an art, that’s why you get to choose what kind of artefact you would drive, if you get a BMW or a Mercedes , wouldn’t you want to enjoy the ride and actually know how it feels like to drive a car that is so luxurious like that?  Trust me, once you get your driving skills better, then you’d know how nice it is to drive. Try it, and remember to drive safely.


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