How Women Can Be Irresistible.

A lot of women nowadays care so much about their looks, whether to impress a guy, or to just impress herself in front of the mirror. One thing I have learnt from undergoing experience and reading so many books is that whether people think you are pretty or not, every woman has to feel that she is as precious as a diamond and is as worthy as a gold penny.

What makes women magical in any man’s eyes is basically how much she respects and loves herself because this means that she takes care of her physical appearance, therefore she is confident and when that confidence shines on her face, it’s reflected to the men’s eyes as a score. “It is the attitude about yourself that a man will adopt.” Men love how women are independent because men hate taking responsibilities, it’s just their nature! They like it when a woman is strong and can think about other things other than him, that makes her more desirable, for example: if you have a lot of things to do and basically the guy feels that he isn’t the center of attention any longer, he’ll try to bring more attention, you suddenly become a competition to him therefore you have become more desirable.

Something that is a stimulant to men is the mystery of a woman’s mind. When she’s mysterious, they will want to dig deep inside of her to find the missing key to open the chains of all of her mysteries. He’s going to try a lot of methods for this, for example : you guys like each other, he is going to test and see how much you want him, how attached you are.. some of us who cherish their dignity won’t call, we know their playful tricks; they won’t call deliberately to see how we will respond. If you don’t call him for a few days he’ll remain confused, and therefore he can”t predict how you’ll always react, so you’ll remain a challenge. Just a rule that we all know but figured to point it out : “A man will always want what he can’t have.”

Something that really annoys me, why do women tend to change themselves for a man to like them? That’s not how it works at all. Most men tend to disrespect women who appears to be too malleable. If you act all natural, and be yourself, he will love you for who YOU are, not for who they THINK you are! It’s simple. If you’re not being yourself, you’re acting fake, and fake = no self confidence and that’s a big turn off. To be irresistible is to be like Cat Woman, she is everything i wrote about: Smart, sexy, independent, humorous, elegant etc…  you know there is this quote that says “What is sexy is when a woman is comfortable enough with her own power”.. that is true, and by power, when someone treats you badly, stand up for yourself; “A man respects a woman who won’t tolerate being treated badly”, that earns  his respect and is a turn on. The moral of the story, How a woman can be irresistible in a man’s eyes, just be yourself, be strong and confident, your life will turn out to be way easier.


2 thoughts on “How Women Can Be Irresistible.

  1. Well….it’s okay to “be yourself” to a certain extent, but it hinges on who you are. If you are way out there, it will be harder to find love. You do have to refine yourself in order to be attractive to the opposite sex.

    For instance, you can’t be too boho and not shave or use deodorant. Most men aren’t going to go for that.

    1. hahahaha well yeah of course! What I mean when I say “women” is that she has to be clean, idealistic in a way. There is love for everyone, no matter what, it just takes patience.

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