Courtesy and Friendship.

What does it take to smile at people’s faces everyday? What does it take to accept somebody that is totally different from you? .. Nothing.

I know these people who don’t accept others either because they are different or either because they are ugly, so they don’t ‘fit in’.. how immature and silly is that? Firstly they were born like this, they can’t help the way they look and plus, since when do you not accept people because of their physical appearances? Who makes a good friend is someone who takes you as a whole package.. they don’t care how you look like because what’s on your face can be different from what’s in your heart. I don’t care if you come from another planet! You are still going to be my friend because I like YOU and I am comfortable when I’m around your presence.

One other thing, I am living in a society where you cannot accept to be friends with someone who is lower than you.. If you do that, then your reputation is ruined and they start talking behind your back things like : “Oh God, she’s a loser hanging out with these low people.. Ha, I bet she’s like them!” I never knew that you cannot accept them because of how much cash they have in their bank! Are you people crazy? It is not their fault that they are like that, they tend to have parents who are less fortunate than yours, so instead of criticizing them, For one, get to know them because they might be really good people with a pure heart and secondly thank God for what you have. Okay you don’t have to be friends with them if you don’t want to, but don’t make them feel alienated.. just smiling everyday to them or just saying hi as you pass them by will make them feel better, and made someone smile!

I have been friends with a lot of people, and transferred myself from group to group until I have found the ones that best fit me. I’m still friends with the people I used to hang out with, but I chose better people who aren’t a bad influence on me. This is another point: choose your friends wisely. If they are a bad influence, I advice you to stay away from them.. they are bad news. I used to hang out with people who at the time I didn’t pay attention to whom they really were; They were so spontaneous and down to earth, but made bad choices which I found out about after a couple of months of being with them. I found myself changing and I didn’t like it, and as soon as I left, I met other better people and I have become me again and even better than whom I were.

Friends are there in your life to brighten it up, your best friends are there for you all the way and they would help you when you’re in a crisis. So be good to them so they can be good to you. Even the people you don’t like, keep them close to you :“Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer” to you so you can keep an eye out to see what they are doing in case they plan to do something to you. That way you won’t get fooled easy, furthermore, what’s better than having a good relationship with everybody?

Having courtesy and being friendly to everyone adds simplicity to your life; It takes you away from having to fight all the time when really there is no need to.. just smile and try to make a difference in someones life.. and trust me, you’ll be remembered for all the good things you’ve done.


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