Life Goes On.

I know, life still goes on

but how can I be brave

when you’re not around me;

I’m afraid to be held in this darkness forever;

but I can’t stop it, I can’t overcome it , 

because life still goes on.

I have loved you for 100 years

now I have to get over you for 100 more;

lost in the reminiscence of our time together

and scared to fall back to the instant.

Yet, I’m old enough to handle fear

and over come anguish;

I promise I’ll never think again, 

Never be held captive inside my heart again

because, life goes on. 

This isn’t a true story, it’s based on a song I listened to and put me in a certain mood to write about this topic. Hope you liked it!


5 thoughts on “Life Goes On.

    1. Yeah, definitely.. I have been day dreaming once what would I do if I was put in a situation like this and how to overcome it, so I listened to a song and it sort of put me in a mood to write about it!
      Thank Youuuu!

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