The Girl’s List.

When girls are young, they dream of becoming princesses and they constantly dream of their prince charming. When they grow up, they go through rough relationship experiences that causes them to not believe in real love. They suddenly give up on finding love, and even though they might get asked out by great guys, they reject them because of fear that they’ll get hurt again; it takes a real guy who wants a real relationship to last forever..the problem is to convince her. The guy might show so much effort and he will never give up until he gets what he wants.. as I mentioned in my “How Women Can Be Irresistible” post, men are predators.. when they put something on their mind, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it..that’s if they really want it. So girls, if he’s doing this, then don’t leave him.. he might just be the one.

We girls have this thing called “The list”… and in that list it has all the features and characteristics we want in our prince charming. The thing is, some women become obsessed with the list that if the man doesn’t match by what the book says then  he’s out!  When in fact, you should give a good guy a chance, because you might be surprised with who he really is.. he may not have all of the features or characteristics you want. However, there is this certain magic that he has: the way he makes you feel, the way he looks at you that just makes your heart skip a beat, the way he calls your name brings you butterflies, the goosebumps you get when you see him .. all these feeling is a sign that your heart wants you to let go of the list, and follow your heart. If you follow your list, you’ll never get anywhere, because nobody is perfect, but learn to love an imperfect person perfectly.

A lot of girls care so much about how they want their guy to look. They want him in a certain way that in other wise they don’t accept. Can I ask you a question? We all age right? And as we age, we get wrinkles, our hair becomes whiter. We ALL age, and we will look different.. so why not choose a guy, who yes is good looking but also is someone who you trust and someone who fully understands you and supports you? That kind of person will be there for you forever and divorces in this case will be minimal cause of the understanding and the compatibility you have with one another. Looks go, but the personality stays and is always there. Every morning when you wake up to the face and the heart you’ve fallen in love with, even though it has aged, it will still looks the same way it did when you first met.

Learn to love with your heart, not with your mind.

Self confidence is an issue. When a girl meets a guy who she has really fell for she’d go like “Nah, I’m out of his league”..okay, I personally, I don’t believe in the whole league thing because it depends on the guy you fell for. Let’s say he is a good looking snob, well..these types tend to search for an “artificial girl”.. a girl that has the looks, but not the personality. To me, guys like this, aren’t considered to me “men” in my agenda. However, if the guy is really handsome but down to earth, he might actually like you if you get to know him better. I prefer relationships that start from friendships, cause they tend to be better (In some cases of course), the only negativity it has is that it can jeopardize the friendship, that’s why it has to be either a serious relationship, or no relationship at all. The tip on getting a guy to like you is to be yourself. They hate a girl who is weak, who doesn’t speak for herself, who is a puppy around him, who can’t make decisions, who is easy, who is always available.. no no, they like a girl who shows independence, self confidence, is sometimes busy (this shows that he isn’t always the priority, there are a lot of other things on your mind and this makes you more desirable), who takes great care of herself and can co operate and communicate with everyone.. basically all this are evidence for you to act like yourself!



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