This Season’s Fashion Trends!

I personally can’t wait for this summer! I have currently been doing some researches and buying fashion magazines to know what we are going to be looking forward to this summer!

So, this spring we have pastel, navy and shocky colours..however this summer we will be experiencing a new drastic change. I like to call it the “Get Creative” look! We have some trending looks, such as Statement trousers, Head-to-toe prints, Vintage Americana (One of my personal favourites), Chunky bangles, Exotic skin bags, Paisley and swirly prints, Afrocentric look and lot’s of whites! It proves my point really, it seems like you can wear anything you want! Most natural and dark colours are covered to next season’s too like Cream, Beige, dirty blue & red, minty green, Spring garden colors, black and white too!

I have certain looks I want to try on next season! Those are some of the looks I have in mind.

This is a beautiful flowy and comfortable Paisley print dress! I recommend girls with a curvy figure but have a small waist to wear dresses like these. It slims you down and it gives you this fashionable and elegant glow! Nice black / casual heels go perfectly with this dress! Remember that bags and shoes must be colour coordinated, so I chose a nice big clutch to go with the outfit. It’s a really simple outfit, and honestly, I don’t think accessories are needed in this outfit! Just put natural make up and a nice floral perfume, I recommend “Rush” by Gucci. For the make up, keep it all natural, but put a nice bloody red lipstick, I’d prefer using the Revlon one.

I hoped you liked this outfit! I really prefer simple styles and colours and I honestly hate wearing so many colours all at once! Okay, I want to show you another outfit you can put together! This is more casual and It’s easy to find everywhere + it’s fashionable!

Okay, so I really love this colour combination. I honestly love a piece of clothing that stands out from all the rest. The hot pink demin shorts go well with the minty green shirt and beige blazer. The accessories fit well and give this elegant look, along with beautiful and standing out coloured make up! My all time favourite perfume, Narciso Rodriguez, goes perfect with this outfit!

This next look is one of my favourites, It’s a cozy and comfortable demin look:

Okay, I love denim, so I chose an outfit that has it all! Denim jacket, Denim shoes and a Denim Louis Vuitton bag! This cute floral dress gives an exquisite cute and chick look. The pastel colours of the accessories go well with the colours in the dress. For make up, keep it all natural with a lip colour lipstick, and regular everyday make up. I love Kenzo, especially the Kenzo Amour one! It gives this calming and enchanting feel.

My last look is a very cozy look, I usually wear this style when I’m out shopping or have lunch with my friends.


The colours in this outfit are all pastel. I really love beige with blue, I think they are a perfect combination. A long beige shirt with denim shorts and beige ballerinas and beige bag. For the accessories, try to put blue in, it will look great with the outfit! Make up also has to be natural, but top it off with red lipstick. Don’t forget perfume to dazzle the look, try on Bellissima by Bluemarine.

Hope you liked this post, and I hope that I gave you an idea on what you can buy to add in your wardrobe for this summer’s fashion! Stay tuned to my next fashion post!


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