My Trip to Rome, Italy

Last summer, My mom and I took a nice business trip to the beautiful Italian Capital, Roma. I’m originally from Milan, usually who come from the north, don’t really like the south of Italy. Honestly, I loved Rome! Especially when my mom and I woke up at 6 am to go to the Vatican City. I was astounded by the enchanted and detailed arts. The sculptures we extremely finely detailed.. I remember I would stand in front of a statue for ten minutes in order to full understand it and study it! When I used to study art in Milan, my teacher used to tell me to get into this whole different world when you are looking at a piece of art..get into a different world and feel what the artist was trying to come across in his masterpiece.  The statues and the amazing paintings are what caught me the most in the Vatican, I cried observing some of them.


These are just some of the pictures I had taken; Another part of Rome that I really loved were The Spanish Stairs! I found them so fascinating! I challenged myself to run up until the very top! I did eventually, but I was out of breathe, and I think I was about to faint!

I really enjoyed my time there! Now, the first place you to in Rome is of course, The Colosseum! I didn’t have to time to go in it honestly, because I was running late for some stuff. Anyway, I really admire how the Italians manage to take care of their historical monuments! They all look as good as new, like as if they were constructed yesterday! The Arc of Constatine was really beautiful, I stared at it for ages and ages! It’s really detailed!

Then, I walked to The Roman Forum which was the heart of ancient Roman civilization, very beautiful.

The best part now, the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, now what was completely beautiful!

The shocking part of my journey, was that I didn’t really like the Trevi Fountain! It was really crowded and I don’t like being clastrophobic, so I didn’t spend much time in there!

My final day in Rome was spent my the River, My mom and I had a small picnic on the freshly cut grass. It was just beautiful! I didn’t visit some places in Rome because I stayed for 3 days only!  Hopefully this summer I can finish my full tour!

Rome is one of the places that you should visit, It’s a must! Go and see the beautiful monuments and relive Roman history. This was one of my favourite journeys ever, I can’t wait to go back this summer!


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