Look Right Through Me.

Look right through my deep brown eyes and see what’s inside of me;
Don’t judge me by the way I look or by the way I dress
’cause it doesn’t work that way.

Have you ever thought about who I might be?
I’m not just an ordinary girl with long brown hair,
but I’m a girl with ambition, with intellectuality
who dreams endless dreams and wants to continuously succeed,
I’m a girl who doesn’t talk about non sense all the time and gossips,
I’m not a girl that spends her life doing boring things, but instead
I’m a girl with a caged bird inside who sets free every once in a while
to explore, to experience, to feel, to laugh, to smile and to make a difference.

However, sometimes, I can be sensitive, break down and cry,
but I don’t choose to do that ’cause I’m strong and careful
And I just choose to show you the best side of me
because this is who I am
And I don’t want there to be any other side but this.

But, of course you wouldn’t know that
cause you’re not looking right through me,
Now, Will you look right through me, and see who I really am?
I bet you can’t.. can you?



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