Over Protective Parents

Dear Parents,

I understand that your child is the most precious thing, but honestly, there are times when you seriously have to let go. Do you know how old I am? I’m 18 years old, and you still won’t let give me my own space. Why aren’t you giving me ANY space? Why can’t you understand that I have grown up and I can take care of myself? I understand that this country that we live in isn’t really secure, but how come all the girls I know have the most extravagant cars and go wherever they want with their friends…this is called having SPACE?
Dad, you’re expecting me to work a lot for you when I graduate, so why aren’t you trying to test me if I can be responsible or not? Why can’t you put me in a tough situation and see how I’ll manage to get out of it? How are you supposed to make me be an adult if you don’t give me the chance to become one? Why am I trapped, and why can’t you let go of YOUR fears?  I know am your little girl, but life goes on and if you keep me trapped for this long, I’ll burst.  If you don’t train me well enough by the time comes, I won’t be ready, and I’ll suck and what you want me to do.
Mom, you’ve taken a role of an over protective father. In some cases, I like it, but when not letting me do what any 18 year old girl does, that’s just abusing my rights. How many times will I be 18 in my life again? I live once, and you get to experience certain things at a certain age once, I mean you won’t see a 40 year old doing things that an 18 year old does, right? I’m losing my patience, and I want you guys to deal with your insecurities, your fears and give me a chance. If you think that you are protecting me, then you’re not; if you don’t put me in hard situations that I might deal with further on in my life, then I’ll be stumped when that moment comes… I might not be able to deal with any situation because you didn’t teach me because you were so over protective.
Mom, you always told what your dad did to you that made you who you are today. For example, do you remember when you were 19 years old and your car froze in the middle of nowhere and when you called your dad, he said to you: ” I want YOU to go to the mechanic, and show me what YOU will do”…wow, I bet you won’t let me do anything like that now, will you? Instead you might cry and panic and you’ll come and save the day. Nahh…mom, If I got married and moved far away from you and that happened to me, I won’t be able to use my ‘critical thinking’ skills and I might panic and not know what to do… now that’s far worst. You guys know I can do all that, but you’re constantly denying it, why is that?

Mom, Dad… Frankly speaking, I’m not the problem here, you are. I’m not scared to grow up, but you’re scared that I grow up. I’m not 7 anymore, I’m almost and adult now and I can take care of myself. How will you trust me if you don’t know what I am capable of?
It’s your call.


Your frustrated daughter.


4 thoughts on “Over Protective Parents

  1. Um, I’m 26 and married. My parents are STILL like that. They’re parents. They won’t quit being your parents. They’ll always panic and try to tell you what’s right. I’m still dealing with it. Another frustrated daughter here. 😛

  2. Trust is something you must work very hard in order to obtain. From any human on this planet sadly. Trust is something i take very seriously-hey im 18 as well. Although still so young to others, ive experienced probably as much as everyone at any age has experienced, minus the labour intense that children recieve in third world countries.

    Many times back then i swore to myself i would jump out of the car one day and run away from my parents, along with many other stupid thoughts about me being independent. But you know, i had tons of patience and today i want to hit myself many times for even thinking about stupid stuff like that regarding my parents. You just have to learn how to deal with them differently, different ways of communicating, start doing things differently independently so that while theyre watching you they know youre learning from doing right and wrong.

    My parents are still sometimes overprotective, but i learn to forgive and forget, or accept and live with it, or just ignore it. Sometimes what they do or say to you is something that you might regret not listening to in the future. Today i think my parents are very supportive, more than anyone else’s parents and this does not mean how spoiled or rich i am, even if i was id still be working just as hard today.

    I dont know i think i went overboard with this comment, but take my grain of salt 🙂
    best wishes.

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