Book Review : 50 Shades of Grey by E.L James

After just 24 hrs of purchasing the extraordinarily provocative book, 50 Shades of Grey, I, like so many women, have been drivin to the dark side of Christian Grey.. the most attractive, sexy, powerful, intelligent, kinky, overly protective, possessive and controlling man on earth. Even though some of these qualities don’t turn most women on, but on was just perfect. We have all set asail to a fantasy of our own with Christian Grey, with him saying to us passionately: “oh baby, what will I do with you now” or “laters, baby” or “I want you now, here, now”…is it too much to ask for? He’s a man with such attractive sexuality who apparently knows his charm with women.

The sexual details in this master piece teaches us how to be more Dominant or Submissive in the bedroom or however, you could just get a clue whether your a submissive or a dominant. BDSM has its way on teaching us all these things. However, the only down side I had with this book was the ending. He’s craving to have Ana underneath his enchanting but controlling wills, but she finally wakes up to reality and reveals the truth to him…she cant fulfill his needs and he cant control himself from being a sex monster…but she’s his sex slave, not a lover.. Grey doesn’t want to fall in love, but maybe with Ana things can turn around? We’ll know in 50 Shades Darker 😉

The book is captivating and provoking, making you wanting more, and more.

While reading, two particular actors were my characters in this book, those were Matt Bomer as Grey and Alexus Bledel as Ana…they all make the match right? After Bomer featuring as a stripper in Magic Mike, he instantly became The Christian Grey, whilst Alexis, who has always played innocent and cute roles, definitely fits the role for Ana.

I highly recommend this book, best erotic I’ve read. Totally worth it.


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