Through A Rapist’s Mind. (+18)

I grew up in the poorest pit on earth. I have seen the most daunting things you can ever see. Life is cruel, life is is divine.
Seeing my mother getting abused before my eyes by the man who I should be admiring the most, made me see the world in a whole different perspective. I can’t forget her screams and her aching, weak body after every night’s fight. My father was a troubled man, a man who was possessed by evil nature, a man whose devil took action, took full control of him. Soon later, I felt myself building into someone I didn’t recognize. Someone eager, someone emotionally unstable..I was turning into something inhumane.

My name is unknown, my race is undefined. I’ve become a creature that seeks for lust, revenge and power…I need something that I can hold with my bare hands to satisfy my needs; Women. Oh, just how good they look, how alluring they are just makes me want to touch them, control them, and feel their soft skin between my hands, against my bare body. I want them. I want to do things with them, things that can’t be explained with plain words.

I’m in a state of delusion. I escape to my own world of fantasy. MY world of fantasy..where there’s just me and her and the electrical and repulsive tension between us. The desire. My desire.
When she screams in pain, I continue in appetency. She begs me to stop, I endure her fear and procure the thrilling sensation of being in power..of being in control. She kicks, she fidgets..I do nothing but be greedy..keep doing what I’m doing, keep wanting more. I groan, hoping that she would cease in my arms, assume that she would stop moving by the pressure of my thighs against her waist, but no. She screams in pain. I like that. I’m in control. My devil is possessing me, or in fact, I’m possessing the devil. Dark and dirty energy is taking over me. I try to take whatever I can take from her body, she moans in pain until she gives up. She’s all mine. I try to caress, I try to foresee the pleasure I can take from her until the emotions start to build inside of me and my body excretes it’s pleasurable demands.
This is what I do with my women.. I’m a monster. I follow the women I want to feel, I want to endure their pain to make me feel whole. A person.

I follow them, I steal their humanity, I chain them, make them my submissives until I get what my body wants. I take them into my dark world, where there is nothing but pleasure for me and abominate convulsion from them. Women are a delicate frame of beauty to be explored, tasted and to be appreciated.. Which I do in my own terms.That makes me feel good..very good.

The world has made me sick, my life has made me vulnerable. I’m hated, I have nobody to live for and nobody to live with. I have no future, no ambition and all I can do is take what I want the way I want it.

I’m a rapist, a sexual assaulter..I’m a man with so many needs that can only be fulfilled by being in power of things I can’t possess. This is who I am.. That’s what my life has driven me to do this. I’m in psychological pain, in a mental state of pure delusion and there is nothing I can do about it. No one is there to help me.


4 thoughts on “Through A Rapist’s Mind. (+18)

  1. Are you sure ? Some men ate just sadistic. They like to do it. But you’re probably right. 😦 but I don’t want to feel bad for someone who rapes a woman. It’s just not possible for me. Maybe my mind is just stubborn.

    1. Rapist’s minds are ill.. and unfortunately you hate them for treating women like this, but at the same time, you know that they do this because of their backgrounds.

      1. I know that to be true, but I guess I can’t forgive them either. Lose-lose situation, I’d say.

  2. Each despicable deed leaves a trace on my pitiful faceless victims: Deep down, they know that I’ve compellingly injected them with my wicked being. Corrupting them slowly and withering their souls. They carry me in them every where they go. Present during their most intimate moments. A constant reminder. A forcefully prompted diversion.

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