Erotica Book Reviews: 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L James

I know I didn’t write for so long, I’m really sorry about that, but I’ve been very busy lately. However, during my spare time, I would read and read novels.. of course the title of this post says it all really. I’ve been reading lots of erotica, for no special reason whatsoever..just curiosity maybe. I’m going to writing two separate posts, one for the FSOG Trio and the other one will be for the other books cause they aren’t as long.

I’ve read 7 erotic novels:
50 Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L James
Bared To You (I) by Sylvia Day
Reflected In You (II) by Sylvia Day
Anything He Wants (I) + (II) by Sara Fawkes.

It was pleasurable and fun reading these books really. Currently, I’m reading and going to read other erotica which I may do a review on them later on.

The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, of course, was really well written and I loved how it
turned out in the end to be an obsessive love story and not some BDSM that we all thought it were. 
The love story between Christian Grey, the rich and sexy CEO, and Anastasia Steele, an ordinary publicist, was more than just a relationship between a Dominant and a Submissive. Christian’s overwhelming love to Anastasia, like most real life love stories, he decided to change for the better and reveal and overcome his dark secrets in order to have Anastasia by his side forever.

50 Shades of Grey’s ending was unanticipated when she left him because he was becoming more ‘abusive’ to give himself more pleasure. Anastasia of course didn’t like that he’d see her get tortured for his own sake, and so, she decided to leave.. even if it tore her apart..she thought it would be the end, even after confessing to  Christian that she loves him.
50 Shades Darker, was my favorite out of the three. It was more romantic… it fitted to be compared to any other normal relationship between two couples. Christian, who’s always overly protective, overly caring and overly everything else got Anastasia back after meeting up with her and taking her to dinner. They both decided to get through his problems together, because Christian, has finally confessed that he too can’t live without Ana, and that he loves her.
Throughout the book, As Christian reveals his secrets and starts to love Ana more and more, he gets weaker in her hands..he’s always scared that she’d leave him if she knew who he really was. On the other hand, Ana was always scared that he’d leave her because she never knew why an ordinary girl like her attract someone as amazing as he is.
“You can’t go. Ana, I love you!”
“I love you, too, Christian, it’s just—”
“No . . . no!” he says in desperation and puts both hands on his head. “Christian . .”
“No,” he breathes, his eyes wide with panic, and suddenly he drops to his knees in front of me, head bowed, long-fingered hands spread out on his thighs. He takes a deep breath and doesn’t move. What?

Christian revealed lots of his darkest secrets to Ana, and she, after all that’s been revealed, still loves him and wouldn’t leave him, which is why the ending of this book was overwhelming when Christian finally proposed to Ana.
“This is me, Ana. All of me…and I’m all yours. What do I have to do to make you realize that? To make you see that I want you any way I can get you. That I love you.”-Christian

50 Shades of Freed maybe was my least favorite; There was more drama to it and suspicion. However, at the beginning of the book was their marriage and their fairy tale honey moon in England and then in France. The first couple of chapters were really nice and romantic to read.
After when the Grey’s got back to Seattle, the drama started when Jack Hyde, who was Ana’s boss, tried to sexually assault her, even if he knew that Ana is married to his boss’s boss. Jack’s arrest and the escape, made Christian more protective of Ana. He hired two more security guards to look after her, which made Ana feel trapped and couldn’t do anything without this has led her to fight with Christian a lot (It got on my nerves while reading those parts).
During the tragedies, Layla, Christian’s ex submissive reappears and wanted to kill Ana because of the jealousy that she possessed of her. We came to find in the end that Christian’s ex submissives ALL looked like Ana…and Ana looked like his mom, or as he calls her, “The whore”. He sexually tortured women who looked like his mom for pleasure, after all that she has done to him when he was a little boy.
Later on, during Jack’s escape, we came to find out that Jack Hyde, was also in the same orphanage as Christian. He was so jealous of Christian having everything and being adopted by such great people, that he wanted to make him suffer.

Ana finds out that she’s pregnant because she had forgotten to take the pregnancy pills several times. This has left Christian devastated and disoriented cause he wasn’t ready to be a father. Christian spent the night chatting with Mrs Robinson (who later on in the story gets slapped by Grace because she found out what she did to her son). This made Ana unsettled, and eventually, the friendship between Mrs Robinson and Christian ended.

Jack Hyde’s return brought the climax to the story. He kidnapped Mia, Christian’s favorite sibling, and then asked for money. He called Ana to do what she was told without Christian knowing. After taking a large sum of money from the bank, Christian was informed and he  figured out that there must be something wrong. Christian arrived at the scene when Jack was shot in the knee by Ana and Ana got hit badly in the head. She went to the hospital and Christian stayed with her all night and day (Aww moment) taking care of her and not leaving her until she was fully conscious.
“Life is never going to be boring with Christian, and I’m in this for the long haul. I love this man: my husband, my lover, father of my child, my sometimes Dominant……my Fifty Shades.”

When everything got better, the house they were reconstructing was done, and then they gave birth to their baby boy, Ted. A year later, she was pregnant again with a girl and they decided to name her Phoebe. Elliot and Kate were happily married and have a baby of their own, Ava.

The ending was perfect, I was very happy when it ended peacefully and happily between Christian and Ana.. I think it would be perfect to say ‘and they’ve lived happily ever after’.



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