Learning from the “Bullying Experience”

Just like most people, I’ve experienced bullying in school. Why was I bullied? The answer: I was different.
Usually between the ages of 7-13, children would find it difficult to accept differences, such as races, religions or even physical appearances.

If you’re experiencing this problem in school, I hope by the end of this article, I would have helped you understand why do bullies bully you, and therefore, next time when you face them, you’d kick their ass! (Just joking)

What are bullies and why do they bully certain people? Well, in my opinion, a bully is an individual who has a troubled personal/family life and in order to feel better, he/she would humiliate, back stab, lie to (summing up the word ‘bully’)or make fun of the things that he/she doesn’t have in order to make themselves feel better. However, those people whom they bully must have a certain quality in their personality in order to get bullied from bullies, and that’s weakness. A bully would bully a person who is weaker than he/she, so they remain as a target. For example, my bully was a new student at the school that I used to go to. She never liked me cause I wasn’t her same nationality nor religion..on top of that, I was friends with everyone, (Who were her same nationality). She was annoyed and threatened for some reason, so she started to bully me out of jealousy..she did that by tormenting me with my weakest point…my weight..even though I was better at sports than she was and so forth, but she knew it would annoy me. People in general don’t tend to annoy me, or maybe I don’t take it at heart, but the way she did it made me take action, and therefore all my friends thought that I was being mean to her (They didn’t notice that she was bullying me)…I tried to tell them what she’d say to me but they’d, for some reason, stay by her side, even if they know me better than that..she had a way to manipulate people and she was just 10 years old!

Grade 5,6,7,8 and 9 were my worst years in school. I was bullied by the same girl over and over again. I’d cry most of the time, stay alone, cry some more, study and just pray that it would be over (or she’d get hit by a bus). My parents were having a hard time seeing me that way because there was no reason why she would treat me this way. I mean..why? cause of my weight? my religion? I mean..why?

She wasn’t pretty smart because she bullied me the same way all these years, until finally at grade 9 I studied all her moves and the things that made her tick and I triggered her to do something to me. It was SO frustrating that my middle school teachers were by my side all the time! They’d give me advices on how I should respond to all the things she’d do to me. It was simple…”Ignore her, that will burn her”. And to be honest, it did! Every time that I would stand up for myself in a mature way (being the superior and making her feel like she’s inferior) tormented her. She started to get scared of me and not talk to me at all! It was a cool feeling I guess..my friends were my friends again and I gained a certain power amongst my friends and that was : “No one controls my emotions.. no one bullies me, no one should make me feel inferior because I’m better than that.. if they’ve got a problem with that, then they can go bugger off and bully someone else.”

The trick to damage any bully is to make them feel inferior, immature and most importantly, worthless. They will find you as a threat when you become superior, so they’ll leave you alone.
Hope this article has helped you somehow! Remember, stay confident, stay superior.. you can beat those bullies out of your life for good!


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