How Your Talents Change You

I grew up in a very ambitious household. My parents believed that the more talents you have, the better you will be at what you’ll do. They were correct. After years of practicing music, art and sports, I’ve accumulated a handful of talents that are helping me with what I do today.

My journey began when I was about two years old when my mom discovered that I had a good musical ear; I would try to translate what I could hear to our piano. I was told that apparently I had a good musical memory; I would sing and memorize lots of music at such a young age..which is not a surprise to me since we have strong musical genes that run in the family. At about the same time, I started showing interest in drawing. I was fascinated by how easy it was to draw what you see in your head and trace it on to paper.

Growing up in a city where all kinds of arts and sports were welcomed was motivating. Anywhere you go in Milan, the streets would scream “Art”, “Fashion”, “Music” and “Soccer” to you. When I reached 4th grade I was in the school choir, and when I reached 8th grade I started playing music. Music became a huge part of my life since it opened so many doors to me. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Want to know why? Well… I think music opened the “artistic” gene that I had in me which kept me always on the strive to always learn more and more about lots of fields in art. I started playing guitar in June 2006, and later that year in November, I did my first concert. And it was my best one yet. My mom didn’t even think that I would do well so she didn’t even bother getting her video camera! The whole crowd was impressed, I got a standing ovation and most importantly, I got motivated to do more. And that was only the start.

Having music by my side, I gained a huge passion for drawing portraits. My arts teacher, Clarissa, saw my potential, and so we would stay after school and stay in during breaks and just practice and practice. At the end of the year, I managed to finish the first ever painting to be done by a student in school. I managed to get a picture of my painting and of myself in the concerts in the school yearbook! It was an impressive year because other than it has impacted me the most, but it has showed me where I can go with my talents and how many things I can do with my talents to put them to use.

My parents always told me that I was born a leader, not made into one. I always had this passion to lead people to do better and lead them to a correct path and make them realize their true potential. That step started when I entered university; I got a hold on reading lots of biographies of my idols, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump, and that has made me realize  that the journey you make for yourself starts with your talent, your unstoppable ambitions that is asserted with a kick of motivation. I’m probably  the most ambitious person that you can ever meet. I still have the same dream of being – (oh wait..I won’t spoil the surprise!) Anyway, I’ve read so much about the world of business that made me want to be a part of it. I gained a huge amount of interest towards entrepreneurship which has led me to join lots of clubs in university, organize events, direct some, enter competitions, volunteer in many, and most importantly, open my very own organization. This till now is my biggest step to date. It’s going to be the start of a new path for me.

See? It all started with one talent for me: Music.. which has led me to Art, which has motivated me to merge on to many things until it has reached my irrevocable passion for business. Imagine if I didn’t learn music.. where would I be now? What would be my interests? Will I even be the same person? Thankfully I’ve taken the correct first step that is taking me to the right path. So.. what’s your talent?


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