My Booklist for this Summer!

So, finally my summer is here..I’m usually the kind of person you’ll find either reading or at the gym during the summer…I know, it’s crazy but I somehow don’t really like going to the beach much, I hate that sticky feeling where you can’t touch anything after getting out of a good swim. I’d frequently […]

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Over Protective Parents

Dear Parents, I understand that your child is the most precious thing, but honestly, there are times when you seriously have to let go. Do you know how old I am? I’m 18 years old, and you still won’t let give me my own space. Why aren’t you giving me ANY space? Why can’t you […]

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Look Right Through Me.

Look right through my deep brown eyes and see what’s inside of me; Don’t judge me by the way I look or by the way I dress ’cause it doesn’t work that way. Have you ever thought about who I might be? I’m not just an ordinary girl with long brown hair, but I’m a […]

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No Pressure.

No pressure… No, I’m under pressure from the people around me who want me to be something I don’t want to be. Even when I try to walk away because I want to follow my dreams, they still grab hold of me, so tight that it’s hard to breathe. If there was no pressure, I […]

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My Trip to Rome, Italy

Last summer, My mom and I took a nice business trip to the beautiful Italian Capital, Roma. I’m originally from Milan, usually who come from the north, don’t really like the south of Italy. Honestly, I loved Rome! Especially when my mom and I woke up at 6 am to go to the Vatican City. […]

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